Fembase was founded by Lacey Kesler. That’s me, hi.
I’m Lacey.

I’m really glad you’re here, reading this. To understand Fembase’s origin, I need to tell you my story, because the very early days to now have been a doozy and if it weren’t for the ups &  downs, Fembase wouldn’t be here.

I’m a twin, raised by single mom and a handful of women we met along the way. I was always around women “just making it work,” when clearly, things weren’t. It was their drive and fortitude, and back against the wall ingenious, that pressed on me from all sides and molded me into who I am today.

I don’t have a college degree.
I don’t come from money.
I am not your typical founder.
But, my vision and drive to push women forward is unmatched.

Nearly 6 years ago, I began on the journey to build Fembase. I was Head of Product for a SaaS and sidestepped into Engineering when my second daughter was 4 weeks old. Through that journey of learning to code, I realized that I didn’t love coding. I realized the power of code but having to write it didn’t work well with my brain.

Through a series of events, I was led to Webflow, which led me to Glide and then on and on it went. Since my journey into this industry, I’ve had the privledge of educating people & teams at places like Girls Who Code, Bloomberg Beta, Stanford University, Webflow, Tech Stars and more.

I believe my story, commitment to the community, and vision is what will make Fembase unstoppable at accelerating women. Gratefully, I’m not the only one who believes this.

Kind sentiments

“[Fembase] is the platform to watch”

Bunsen Studio

“There's no one better to run this project."


“I was stuck in excel hell then once I met with Lacey she showed me new tools that help me a lot more.”


“The tech industry needs more women as founders, I can't think of a more enabling technology than no-code, and I can't think of a better person to learn it from than Lacey.”


“Lacey helped me understand no-code & how to use it to be more productive.”


“Fembase is cool.”

My daughter

“Lacey is a blast to learn from and really genuine in her approach.”


“Through Fembase, I've met so many cool, inspiring women; it's really broadened my network.”

JK Photo

“Massive congratulations on launching [Fembase] there’s still a big push needed to get more women into no-code and who better to lead the way!”

Women are Building