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Expert Instruction

We know code, so you can no-code. Understand the very best web development teaching at the speed of drag and drop

Real Projects

We believe that sharing real use-cases is the best way to help you learn how to apply this tailored knowledge in real-life situations


Show off your expertise and knowledge. Add it to your LinkedIn, your portfolio and CV, to set yourself apart.

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Learn no-code, accelerate your career

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Benefits of Certification

Gain Experience

We provide support to help you gain experience with relevant use-cases based projects.

Diversify your skills

Become more versatile and adaptable, making you more valuable to employers and clients

Grow your network

Network with other professionals in your field and expand your professional circle.

Show your work

Build at least 5 projects in the Foundations section alone, and continue adding to your portfolio.

Boost your confidence

Develop new skills and knowledge through the challenges of working on different projects.

Increase your options

Fembase accelerates your growth by providing education and definable skills to build upon.

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Fembase Certifiable (genius)

Certifications with Fembase are a display of knowledge & commitment to giving back to the community. Members get access to available job leads from Fembase, ongoing training and community support.


Foundations (3-4 weeks)

We provide a very robust learning experience that has you building within the first day! The foundations experience pairs you with crucial industry knowledge and practical application.

Community Help (1-2 weeks)

Get paired with a no-code expert to answer questions related to app development, tool usage, tool features, common development frameworks and a lot more.


Mentor <> You (1-2 weeks)

You'll be added to the Fembase Member private group where we can help you as you build more advanced projects or answer questions.

Tool Training (2-4 weeks)

Once you select which tool you'd like to become an expert in, Fembase helps streamline the process, and accelerates your learning time to help you get certified faster.


Unlock opportunities as you grow

All members who stay in our community get access to continued guidance, education and opportunities to support you.

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Free Community

If a no-code certification isn't right for you, please join us in our open channels and public events!ย 

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